Rockstar Games is giving an info update on Red Dead Redemption 2 Online this week. All players who play the multiplayer part this week will receive a supply package free of charge. The item set consists of 5x gun oil, 3x wild carrots, 2x strong medicines, 5x special horse awakeners and 3x chocolates.

In addition, bounty hunters pocket individual bonuses. There is 50 percent more money on all wanted persons (including legendary and notorious wanted persons) as well as an offer for the Navy Revolver at half price for all bounty hunters from rank 5.

Collectors, on the other hand, get 50 percent more money for completing and delivering the weekly “Egg Hunt” collection (includes duck, heron and goose eggs) at Madam Nazar, as well as an offer for a 40 percent discount on a collector’s item of the “Upcoming” or “Upcoming” levels.

Aspiring for participating in the free roam event “Condor Egg”. Naturalists look forward to triple RDO dollars and naturalist XP for all donkey rabbit samples sold. New deals are also waiting for you this week at Red Dead Online.

You are currently receiving a discount of five gold bars on the cost of the bounty hunter license and the collector’s bag, as well as a 40 percent discount on all role outfits for bounty hunters and collectors, the improved binoculars, the collectors’ saddlebag, all maps for collectors and the bounty hunter wagon.

In the catalog of Wheeler, Rawson & Co. you can find new clothes: Hopeman waistcoat, Cardozo waistcoat, Leavitt jacket, Lister hat, Manteca hat, Covington hat, Menasco hat, Owanjila hat and Bowyer boots.

Amazon Prime members continue to bag rewards for a free bounty hunter license and a trimmed amethyst paint job for the bounty hunter cart.

Everyone who connects with Prime Gaming by April 12th will receive an offer for a 40 percent discount on any saddle and 30 percent discount on any multi-purpose horse and selected horse care brochures at the fence.

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