Red Dead Redemption 2, a Stadia player could lose nearly 6,000 hours of progress

Red Dead Redemption 2, a Stadia player could lose nearly 6,000 hours of progress

The decision to leave the service was not willingly made by a player

In the last few days it is certainly hot news to want to stop the support a Google Stadia, the video game platform that allowed you to play different titles in the cloud. The initiative does not seem to have achieved the desired results and therefore the company has decided to close its doors. This choice, however, was not collected willingly by the community that will soon find itself without the possibility of being able to play its games and precisely in this context a player intervened complaining that with this decision he will lose. nearly 6,000 hours of gameplay on Red Dead Redemption 2. The words uttered by the player are also quite colorful, but we challenge anyone not to be at least a little upset by this decision.

A player of Red Dead Redemption 2 in Stadia version infuriated by the decision to close their doors

All his regret was expressed with a tweet on his profile in which he shared a screenshot of the hours he spent playing with. Red Dead Redemption 2. All his efforts and dedication may soon be in vain, as the platform will be closed, unless, as suggested by the user himself, Rockstar Games do not allow everyone who bought the version Stadia of the game to be able to make a data transfer on the PC, as announced in the last few hours by Ubisoft.

It is very likely that, as the days go by, several announcements will arrive from the various software houses that will announce a solution to this problem for all users. Stadia, so it is likely that the player will not lose his progress, but the possibility of transferring them will be implemented. That said, we will be here ready to update you on the matter as soon as official statements are released.

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