The Ubisoft team has unveiled plans for Year 6 of Rainbow Six Siege. Over the course of the year, all players can look forward to new operators, map revisions and much more. There are also some innovations pending in the shooter’s battle pass.

Buyers of the premium version now have direct access to the next operator.

Previously, a separate annual membership had to be concluded for this. As usual, the new addition is also available for purchase with the in-game currency. However, owners of the Battle Pass can use the Operator two weeks before everyone else.

In total, four more characters in Year 6 will make their way into Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft is thus continuing the change from the previous year, which means that there is only one operator per season.

With Flores from Argentina, the new operator has already been introduced. The countries of origin of the other figures are Croatia, Ireland and the Nakoda people from North America.

In addition, reworks of existing maps are also planned. At the start of Operation Crimson Heist, Border will get a makeover.

Favela and Outback will follow in the coming months. Ubisoft also indicated minor changes in other cards. From February 23, 2021, the first new content can be tried out on the test server.

Year 6 will start at a later date on the PC and console.

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