After the good taste in our mouths that Sony’s Gold Wireless for PS4 PS VR, the 2018 model, left us, we were quite curious to see how their first proposal for the new generation of consoles was going to behave. So today we bring you our analysis of Pulse 3D, Sony’s first official wireless headset for PS5 .

Some headphones, the Pulse 3D , which this time do not arrive with the console already settled, but are launched at the same time as PlayStation 5 (although the truth is that they have been on sale for a few days), in part to take advantage of some of the new console audio features (3D Tempest Engine surround sound  ) from day one.

A headset that starts from an attractive price, 99 euros  (although at the moment it is practically sold out and can be found for prices that touch twice as much), but is Pulse 3D for you? Will it work for you with other systems? Is the sound quality and maximum volume sufficient? How about autonomy? Is it an interesting launch purchase? What games make the most of it? Well, if you have any of these doubts, or any other, in this analysis of Pulse 3D for PS5 we will solve it …

Opinion Pulse 3D

As we say, Pulse 3D has been on sale since last Thursday 12 (or Friday 13, depending on the store), and we have made one to analyze it. This is a wireless headband headset that completely covers the ear, but without deploying an excessively large size as is the case with “pure and hard” on-ear headphones. For “normal” size ears they are comfortable, but if you have generous “big ears”, maybe the interior space is a bit tight …

Pulse 3D: comfort, design and materials under consideration

The Pulse 3D follow the two-tone aesthetics of the PS5  and in them we find the same pattern, with a white headband (although the lower part, the one that touches directly with the head, is black) and the headphones in black. The material of the whole body is hard, matte plastic, and it does not tend to retain fingerprints excessively.

It does not have hinges (that is, we cannot adjust the position of both headphones), nor with moving parts of any, beyond the self-adjusting band, a rubber band that is just at the bottom of the headband (and that is the part that rests on top of the head). By putting the headset on your head, this system moves to reach the optimal position, the most comfortable. The choice of rubber seems odd at first, compared to other options covered in fabric or synthetic leather, but it is surprisingly comfortable.

It is a mechanism that we have already seen in other headphones, and that in Pulse 3D works just as well. All this, added to the design of the pads (they are anatomically shaped, not perfect cylindrical sections), achieve a very clear objective: the Pulse 3D are really comfortable . They do not exert too much pressure, if in the area of ​​the headband or on the temples, and therefore do not tend to move if we move. The light weight of just 229 grams also contributes to this.

Despite the good general finish, “premium” details are missing, such as the headband being reinforced with metal … but if you are going to give them normal use and you are not going to mistreat them, it is a durable headset. It doesn’t feel flimsy if you try to twist them. The only objectionable aspect, if you wear glasses, is that it can press the temples (the ear pads do not have a rail for the temples, like other headphones ).

On the other hand, the synthetic leather of the cushions is pleasant, nor is it too hot, which finishes off an attractive set. Yes, the Pulse 3D are comfortable, light and pleasant to wear . In addition, like other PS5 peripherals, they have the “miniscule” detail of counting at microscopic size with the iconic symbols of the PlayStation buttons.

Finally, two other details of the design have caught our attention: the space between the driver and our ear inside each earphone is really small (barely 1 cm), so if you have protruding or very large ears , the space may be very tight or you may even end up touching the fabric of the surface that covers the speaker.

The other aspect is that like many “premium” headphone models, separating the ear pads is really simple (a small tug is enough, in case it is necessary to replace them in case of deterioration or wear, a small detail that is always a plus.

How Pulse 3D works on PS5, PS4, PC and other devices

Pulse 3D is a wireless headset, but it is not bluetooth and requires a USB adapter to work wirelessly. The “good” thing about this requirement is that it does not require configuration, or pairing, or anything: just plug in the USB adapter, turn on the headset, and in just a couple of seconds they will be working, without entering any menu, use them where you use them (Mac computers included).

Pulse 3D PS5 Dongle

In fact, the USB adapter does not have any type of button or extra function: it only has a white LED that flashes until communication with the headset is established, once it is turned on and “they meet”, a really quick and easy process. It does not require any type of action on the part of the user. Best of all, once paired, there will be no communication dropouts or interruptions – Pulse 3D’s sound is continuous, stable, and without micro-cuts .

Once connected and working, all the buttons are located on the back of the left earpiece, and it offers options such as mute the mic (which is double, as in many mobile bluetooth earphones and are hidden as small holes in the earpiece) or even activate the monitoring of our voice (to check how we are heard).

Pulse 3D PS5 rating

Apart from that it has a double button to control the volume, and here is one of the most interesting functions of Pulse 3D , another double button to control the level of the sound mix, in case we want to give priority to the sound of the game or the voice chat. In this way, if you are playing competitively, you can increase the volume of the voice chat by attenuating the sound of the game, if the moment requires it.

The left earphone also has two ports: one for USB-C charging (we will talk about autonomy later) and the other for a 3.5mm connector, which make this headset compatible with virtually any device with that extended connector (from PS Vita to any mobile with headphone jack or even the Xbox Series X controller). What is not working is the USB dongle connected to Xbox Series X , for example, which we have also tested.

Of course, although technically it is a headset that you can take to the street, we do not recommend that use for the reasons that we are going to see below, apart from the fact that you could only use it with a cable (or with a USB on the go that allows you connect the USB dongle to the mobile … something that is neither comfortable nor practical). But if you use it with a mobile, they continue to maintain their qualities and do not sound bad, or with little power.

Pulse 3D sound quality: we tested it with PS4 games, music, cinema …

We come to the key aspect of a headset … or anyone. And in this sense, Pulse 3D more than fulfills what it was conceived for: as a gaming headset . It has 40 mm drivers, one of the many standards in headphones, although for a while this part it seems that the 50 mm models are prevailing.

Using the Pulse 3D on PS5 is as simple as plugging in the USB dongle and turning it on to start listening to sound through the headset. Then we can do an  initial setup  to enjoy surround sound (not just with Pulse 3D, with any headset). After having tried it, perhaps the 3D effect they offer is not the best, but it is the best or one of the best that you will find in this barrier below 100 euros .

review Pulse 3D

In games like Spider-Man Miles Morales , it is possible to enjoy a wider sound field, where it is possible to detect where different sound sources are coming from (for example in Times Square), such as pedestrian voices from different points. It is not a sound that abuses the bass; As a general rule, it is a sound that always remains quite sharp, balanced and clean, which, with Tempest 3D technology, leaves an interesting surround effect.

The same is applicable to Astro’s Playroom or Demon’s Souls : it is the first party games that are making the best use of this audio technology and where it is most noticeable, for example when flying vehicles pass us in the first, or when a dragon passes overhead in the second.

Is the effect comparable to a more expensive, high-end surround headphone? Well, it will depend on the model, but without a doubt Pulse 3D offers a clean and balanced sound , and with an interesting 3D effect. As we said, as a gaming headset, it does its job and sounds better than you might expect, especially if you spend some time trying the settings and profiles and find the one that best suits you.

Of course, for other uses, such as listening to music, I would not recommend it openly. It’s not that they sound bad: it’s just that the equalization may not be optimal, especially if you are used to other headphones. After a while “they don’t sound so bad”, but I wouldn’t recommend it for that use … For watching movies the equalization is better, with very clear voices and all frequencies well balanced, although without Tempest Audio, the 3D effect is more vague (for example, with movies like Mad Max ).

Finally, despite their appearance, they do not have active noise cancellation, but they isolate well enough not to hear what surrounds us around us (conversations, footsteps …), practically from medium-low volume levels. .

Pulse 3D’s microphone, enough for PlayStation group chat

Pulse 3D does not have a directional mic , with a metal or rubber arm that we can twist or adjust to place it in front of our mouth, or very close to it. In its eagerness to offer a minimalist design, and in keeping with the look of the console, it lacks a visible mic as in most gaming headsets.

In its place we find a couple of tiny holes in the left earphone, something that is possible to find in many headphones to listen to music. These mics have noise cancellation, and they attenuate all the ambient noise that may be in the area where we are quite well.

Of course, the sound quality, to make an equivalence, is more reminiscent of a headset in the Air Pods style than that of a stand-up microphone. Its capture, although sufficient for game chats, may be insufficient for other purposes or uses outside the PlayStation field, for example, the use of communication applications, such as Discord.

In addition, due to its dual-mic approach (one located at the rear), it can give the sensation of generating a certain echo depending on the circumstances . But we insist: to talk with friends in the chat groups of PS5 or PS4, more than enough and leaves a voice clear enough so that they understand us (and also with the possibility of controlling what we want to be heard more, if the sound or chat and the possibility of activating the monitor function, to hear our own voice through the headset).

However, the Pulse 3D microphone is, perhaps, one of the aspects where there is more room for improvement , in the face of future models, reviews or editions of the headset. They don’t sound bad, but there is a bit more “naturalness” in the sound that the mic offers.

Other aspects of Pulse 3D that you should consider

As we have anticipated before, the autonomy of Pulse 3D for PS5 is one of the aspects about which we could not stop talking. Sony claims that it can give 12 hours of itself, but as always, it is an estimate, which depends on variables such as the maximum level at which we use the headset. We have been able to get about 10-11 with the volume quite high, doing tests on different platforms (including a Mac personal computer to listen to music).

Compared to other headphones, 12 hours may seem like a somewhat “fair” autonomy . It’s enough for a long gaming session … or two “respectable” ones. But compared to other headphones that achieve or exceed 15-20 hours, it is slightly behind. But again, we are talking about a 100 euro headset , not 150 or 200.

In the same way, thanks to the 3.5mm cable, if you run out of battery in the Pulse 3D you can quickly connect them to the 3.5 mm connector of the DualSense , to continue using them and enjoying the 3D audio of PS5. Of course, at the cost of “sucking” the battery of the command, which will shorten the autonomy of this.

Pulse 3D is also perfectly integrated into the menus of both PS5 and PS4, so each time you touch the volume, you will see in the console interface what you have changed (mute the mic, raise or lower the volume … ). As if that weren’t enough, Pulse 3D also features audible cues to indicate battery status (by pressing two buttons at the same time).

Finally, the USB-C cable included in the box allows you to charge the Pulse 3D from one of the console ports, although it is also possible to charge them with the current mobile phone power adapter, including those that have fast charging. The time to carry out a full charge is three and a half hours.

Final opinion: Pulse 3D is a great accompaniment to PS5

If we start from the basis that Pulse 3D is a 100-euro headset, in many key respects it is at the level, or even above, more expensive models that move in the range of € 150-200, as it may be. sound quality. It is far from perfect, starting with the design that could feel “more premium”, but overall, it is a great complement to accompany the PS5 at its launch .

In addition, it has the extra of being able to be used in other devices, and in all of them it sounds fantastic without losing volume, or being able to use them with cable in PS5 without losing the surround effect, they are small pluses that add to the pleasant final sensation. But in the sound when playing, which is the important thing, they sound very good, even in games that do not have 3D audio, like Miles Morales on PS4.

It may be possible to reproach him that the battery does not give us all the autonomy that we would like, that it does not have a dedicated app to adjust the equalizer or create specific audio profiles for different uses (and be able to adjust them to improve the experience when it comes to listening to music, for example) … but we insist, it is not a high-end headset and in some respects it is on par with other more expensive models. Thus, in the absence of more models designed for PS5, Pulse 3D is a great proposal, and adjusted in price, with which to release the 3D sound of your new console .