PS5 Custom Case seller claims to be inviolable and even better than Sony

PS5 Custom Case seller claims to be inviolable and even better than Sony

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PlayStation 5

In 2020, Sony shocked the world a little when they finally gave in and revealed the design for the PS5. The last three consoles were black at launch, the only one before that was gray. The PS5 is worlds apart from all of these in terms of design. Not only is it mostly white, but it also looks a bit like a tiny spaceship.

As with pretty much anything new in the video game world, the design of the PS5 has divided the community. Some love it, others not so much.

Customizable design

However, the good news for the not-so-enthusiastic group is that the PS5’s panels can be removed. While Sony has not yet announced whether there will be multi-colored plates, third-party suppliers have already started making and selling them.

Knowing the dimensions of the PS5 before it was released, one company decided to stay one step ahead of the competition. The company was originally called PlateStation5 before changing its name to CustomizeMyPlates. Shortly after listing its PS5 black records, it received a threat of lawsuit from Sony and withdrew its product from sale.

Inviolable company

However, the company has returned with a new name and design and now believes it is “inviolable” when it comes to legal threats from Sony.

CMP Shells returned to the world of unofficial PS5 records this week and is selling its records for 41.06 euros. “The patent is pending and any sales made prior to its approval are sacrosanct,” the ad said.

CMP also claims that its panels allow for better ventilation than the PS5’s. The company adds that it is certain that the panels can continue to sell even after the patent is approved. The first shipment of CMP will be 1000 panels and shipping will begin in February 2021.

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