We are in a time where equality and empathy are lived in a more rooted way in the community, movements like Project Amplify have emerged due to the social explosion of the United States and its plea against racism. But not to seek equality we must be unfair, and that is what Microsoft is looking for with this new initiative to equalize the balance in the world of video games.

On the occasion of the National Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Week, campaign that takes place in the United States every year. As it could not be missing, Xbox has been involved in this celebration contributing ideas of inclusion to promote a healthy environment and against racial discrimination; in this way they will support young black people to believe in a future in the video game industry.

Project Amplify, a new inclusion movement by Xbox

This project consists of showing 14 success stories of racialized developers in the video game industry; In this way, being able to empathize with them and create around their figure is a must for young people who are afraid of exposing themselves to unequal markets.

This initiative was launched with a trailer where we can be moved by some stories that, perhaps, are not as simple as we initially believed:

  • Marcus Morgan : Head of Strategy and Operations at Obsidian Entertainment;
  • Jean-Emile Elien : Software Architect Partner at Microsoft;
  • Kim Williams – Osborne : Licensing Director at Turn 10;
  • Aaliyah Burroughs : program administrator for xCloud;
  • Nayomi Mitchell : software engineer for the Xbox app;
  • James Lewis : senior leader of creative partner programs at Microsoft;
  • Portia Botchway : Product development and inclusive design at Microsoft;
  • Q Muhaimin : Program Manager at Xbox;
  • Sarah Bond : Corporate Vice President, Game Creator Experience and Ecosystem at Microsoft;
  • Pierre Hintze : Halo: Infinite production lead;
  • McDonald closes : Senior Lead Producer at 343 Industries;
  • Art Usher : Senior Game Designer for Minecraft;
  • Jason Minters : Lead Technical Character Artist at 343 Industries;
  • Clay Carmouche : director narrativo de Xbox Publishing;

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