[Preview] Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe: Kirby’s classic returns to Switch

Posted on February 8, 2023 by Tom in Previews, Switch, Videos

Nintendo recently held a short media preview demo for Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe before its next release on Switch. The original Wii game is an all-time Kirby classic, so having it on the hybrid platform is compelling. Scheduled to be released on February 24, 2023, the title will soon arrive in stores without us knowing much about what’s new.

In this preview video, Sam and I have an in-depth discussion of some of the game’s new features, visuals, and gameplay. We’ve included more highlights below.

  • new photos
    • The game’s visual upgrade, while slight, looks good in motion. It seems that online video compression hasn’t favored thick character outlines and cel-shaded character models because they look better natively. However, the level of detail in the backgrounds and cutscenes resembles the original game (which is a very cool Wii title).
    • kwd pub01 copyability04
  • New copy abilities: Sand and Mecha
    • Sand fits the bill perfectly, looks like she’s always been a powerhouse on the show. Kirby can generate an arm of sand far ahead of him, a fist to slam the ground in front of him, and a large sandcastle, among other abilities.
    • Mecha is surprisingly complex with a varied move set. It seemed like every attack entry revealed an alluring new power for Kirby’s mechanical suit, whether it was bombs, lasers, missiles, thrown fireballs, flamethrowers, and more.
      kwd pub01 copyability01
  • magol assistant
    • An easier difficulty option that uses Magolor’s help throughout the game.
    • Players will receive a second health bar.
    • Magolor will save you if you fall into a bottomless pit.
    • In boss fights, Magolor can drop random health items or copy abilities if you lose yours.
  • Happy Wizarding Country
    • A dozen mini-games, most of which are favorites, take place in a charming amusement park run by Magolor.
      Switch KRtDLD 230111 Magoland5 01
    • Motion controls are enabled for some of them, touchscreen in handheld mode is also an option for some games.
    • The buffer map provides structured progression through the minigames. Through this stamp card, you will receive quests that will lead to unlockable keepsakes like character Kirby Skins that you can use in the main campaign.
      Switch KRtDLD 230111 StampRally 01
    • Skins are primarily a cosmetic item; some modify user sound effects.
  • Magolor’s Epilogue
    • All new story content unlocked after completing the main campaign.
    • Play as 1-4 newly defeated Magolor(s) on a journey to regain their powers.
    • Magolor controls more like Megaman, can’t multi-jump, has a dedicated fire button.
    • The goal is to chain combos against enemies to rack up higher scores, gain better level ranks, unlock new abilities, and upgrade Magolor’s powers.

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