Pokimane has been banned from Twitch

Pokimane has been banned from Twitch

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Well-known streamer Pokimane has been banned from Twitch! It is not yet known exactly why, but it is most likely the result of a copyright strike as it was at the time Avatar: The Last Airbender stream.

According to the data from Twitchtracker, the streamer broadcast the series to around 25,000 simultaneous viewers. So it is understandable that the copyright holders are a little annoyed that so many people can basically watch the series for free.

Her profile with 8.5 million followers can currently no longer be found on the platform and is instead redirected to a sad “Sorry” page. You can currently not stream on Twitch and must therefore expect short-term losses.


On Twitter, the streamer responded to the ban with an iconic and very apt quote from the Avatar series, writing, “The Fire Nation has attacked.” She added that the ban was confirmed as a 48-hour suspension.

The streaming of entire series seems to be in fashion at the moment, but it is anything but harmless, as such situations prove. Last December, Pokimane got herself into another delicate position when she accidentally streamed NSFW content.

She was watching an episode of the anime Food Wars when one of the characters ate something so tasty that her clothes were ripped off. Obviously, the streamer panicked because she might have been banned, but escaped the wrath of Twitch at the time. This time she wasn’t so lucky – although at least it won’t be long before she returns.

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