Pokémon Sword and Shield: Chromatic Salarsen, how to get it

Pokémon Sword and Shield Chromatic Salarsen: How to get it?

You’ll be able to add a rare Pokémon to your team in Pokémon Sword and Shield with a new event! Follow our full guide to get it easily.

To commemorate the release of the new expansion of the Pokémon trading card game, called Radiant destinies, an event allows you to add a Chromatic Salarsen to your team in Pokémon Sword and Shield, on Nintendo Switch. Our complete Pokémon Sword and Shield guide takes you step by step through how to collect it.

In France, your chromatic Salarsen is distributed exclusively by Micromania. So you will have to follow this link in order to subscribe to the distribution. You will then receive your code by email within 2 to 3 days after registration. Note, for holders of a Gmail account, that the email with the code may be in your tab Promotions, or risk ending up in spam on any other mailbox.

Once provided with your code, in your Pokémon Sword and Shield game, enter the “Mystery Gift” section through the main menu and select the option to receive a gift by code or password.

Note, however, that you must connect to the Internet in order to receive the gift. Enter the code received by email, and your Salarsen will join your team if a location is available or in PC Boxes if your team is full. Also note that you will only be able to perform this event once per cartridge.

What you need to know about Salarsen

Salarsen is a type Pokémon Poison and Electric, an unprecedented combination among all existing Pokémon to date. He is gifted with talent Punk Rock which boosts the so-called “sound” abilities, and reduces the damage suffered from these same sonic abilities.

Your new friend arrives at level 50, equipped with a Spray Gorge, which mounts its Special Attack when it uses a “sound” ability, and knows the abilities Overdrive and Monte-Tension, both of the Electric type, Bomb Yuck, Poison type, and finally Bang Sonique, de type Normal.

You will be able to register for this event until March 19.

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