Pokémon GO Guide, Zacian: How to beat and capture it in raids?

Pokémon GO Guide, Zacian: How to beat and capture it in raids?

The Pokémon of Galar are starting to arrive on Pokémon GO! Yes, the 8th generation is already trickling down. After shaking up the main series game meta, Legendary Zacian appears in Tier 5 raids until August 26 at 10 a.m. on Pokémon GO.

If you’re looking for his stats, top counters, attack analysis, and more, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s go for Zacian’s capture guide!

Zacian’s stats form Seasoned Hero on Pokémon GO: Everything you need to know

  • Number of CPs in a Zacian 100 IV: 2188 for a normal level 20 encounter. 2 735 for a Zacian boosted by the weather. The more you tend towards these numbers, the more likely your Zacian is to be perfect.
  • Stats : 254 in attack, 236 in defense and 192 HP. Solid.
  • Performance in PVP and raids : The Pokémon currently featured in Tier 5 raids is not the best Zacian it can be. The “Seasoned Hero” form is far from bad, but if you are looking for a brute, wait for the Supreme Sword form to arrive. That being said, Zacian is already positioned as the best Fairy type in the game. For now, we recommend that you use it in raids against Fighting, Dark, and especially Dragon type Pokémon. In PVP, he is perfectly viable in Master League. Unfortunately, only the future can tell us if this form of Zacian will strongly impact the Pokémon GO Master League meta. For now, let’s not go too far.
  • Weaknesses : We have just seen it, Zacian form Seasoned Hero is a Pokémon of fairy type. It is therefore weak against types Steel and Poison.

Which Pokémon to use to defeat and capture Zacian in raid? List of the best counters

Note that this list was made using a fairly complex combat simulator, so it is very reliable. Pokémon are listed in order of best to worst against. Don’t panic, just because a Pokémon is at the bottom of our list doesn’t mean it’s bad, far from it.

  • Mega-Ectoplasm (Léchouille / Bomb Beurk);
  • Metalosse (Pisto-Fist / Meteor Fist);
  • Mega-Dardargnan(Direct Toxik / Bomb Beurk) ;
  • Dialga (Steel Claw / Iron Head);
  • Minotaupe (Steel Claw / Iron Head);
  • Roserade (Direct Toxik / Bomb Beurk) ;
  • Genesect (Steel Claw / Magnet Bomb);
  • Ectoplasm (Léchouille / Bomb Beurk);

We haven’t added Dark Pokémon as they are very expensive to upgrade. Obviously, if you have a good Dark Metagross, don’t hesitate.

What are the best weather conditions to capture Zacian on Pokémon GO?

Regarding the weather conditions, first of all, be aware that the weather boost is obtained through Cloudy (overcast) weather. With this you will encounter a Zacian at level 25 instead of level 20 but he will be more complicated to beat. Note that clouds also improve your Poison-type counters.

To simplify your life as an attacker and boost the Steel type you need a Snowy weather, in August. You might as well forget.

Zacian has access to a very wide range of attacks, always try to take the weather into account before launching a raid. For example, Bark is an attack that can hurt Metagross, so avoid attacking Zacian with him in Fog. Likewise, you may suffer heavy Mad Lightning attacks if the weather is rainy etc.

List of Zacian’s attacks on Pokémon GO and their influence for your raid fight

Quick attacks Charged attacks
  • Steel Claw (Steel);
  • Aboiement (Ténèbre);
  • Fangs Fire (Fire);
  • Strong Attack (Normal).
  • Iron Head (Steel);
  • Hug (Fairy);
  • Close Combat (Combat) ;
  • Crazy Lightning (Electric).

In terms of rapid attacks, there are 2 major dangers to report. First there is Fire Fangs, which does super effective damage to your Steel counters (and Roserade). Then there is Barking. As we said above, this ability can be a problem for Metagross since your best counter has the misfortune of being a Psychic type.

As for charged attacks, they can all be painful (except Cuddle which should be resisted by all of your counters). When facing a Zacian with an Iron Head, do not use a Poison Pokémon. When facing Close Combat, avoid the Steel type (except Metagross).

If you want to play Zacian in PVP, you will need to use the Bark, Close Combat and Cuddle abilities. If you are going to use it only in raids, focus primarily on Cuddling.

How many trainers does it take to beat Zacian on Pokémon GO?

For people looking for a challenge, know that it is technically possible to beat Zacian as a duo if you have the best possible counters and good weather. If in doubt, even if you only play between level 50 trainers, still come to 3 or 4.

Most trainers will have to come in groups of 5 or 6 to have a chance against this formidable Legendary Pokémon. The less experienced among you must find a way to start the raid with a lot of people or to play with people a little more advanced in the game.

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