Pokémon GO: Free Remote Raid Passes in April

Pokémon GO: Free Remote Raid Passes in April

The Niantic team is giving away selected items to all Pokémon GO players again this month. In April, these will be exclusive boxes that will contain a range of items as well as a remote raid pass. Every Monday there is a free box in the title’s shop.

With the Pokémon GO Remote Raid Pass, Trainers can take part in raid battles nearby, even if they are not in a Pokémon Arena. For example, players can use the gift from Niantic for one of the current and upcoming raid battles this month.

Until April 13, 2021 you can meet the Pokémon Boreos in its animal spirit form in 5-star raids. Then you have until April 27th to grab Demeteros in the animal spirit form.

A few days ago we also reported on the spring event in Pokémon GO, where Mega-Schlapor will be available for the first time in Mega-Raids. Mega-Gengar and Mega-Voltenso also return in April.

The mentioned spring event started this Sunday in Pokémon GO. Until April 8th, you can meet not only Mega-Schlapor in raids, but also exclusive Pokémon with wreaths of flowers. These Pokémon include Pikachu and Chansey.

In addition, coaches have the chance that a Wonneira with a flower wreath will hatch from an egg. You can find more news as well as tips and tricks about Pokémon GO on our topic page about the game.

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