Pokémon Go: Developers are testing new increased transparency feature

Pokémon Go: Developers are testing new increased transparency feature

The developers of Pokémon Go recently announced via the Twitter channel Niantic Support that a select group of players can try out a new feature. This is about increased transparency in the quasi-loot boxes from Pokémon Go: the eggs.

The members of the worldwide community assigned to the test group can now see which Pokémon can hatch with what probability when they select an egg in their egg inventory. Whether it will be dazzling or not, however, will not be shown to you.

If the feature is played out to all players in the future, then the allegations from the community regarding egg transparency will probably be quieter.

Goodbye Lootbox accusation?

In the past, the makers of Pokémon Go have taken great pains to tell players via blog posts which pocket monsters can hatch from the eggs. But not every Pokémon Go fan regularly reads the posts on the official website or uses Twitter extensively; the Niantic people’s preferred social media language tool.

The allegations that the eggs in Pokémon Go were nothing more than a nontransparent quasi-loot box were particularly loud in 2020.

In August 2020 for the Dragon Week event, the developers promised that the coveted and rare dragon Kapuno (buffed reported) could hatch from the 7km friendship eggs.

However, this happened so rarely that the community went on the barricades. Other game developers who make loot boxes available in their game are obliged to be transparent about the drop chances, it said at the time.

Applied to Pokémon Go it can be seen like this: The eggs that are available for free in the game are the loot boxes. And the players invest freely earned or just purchased Pokécoins in incubators, which can only be earned for free relatively rarely.

So fans pay for the key to open the loot box, which they previously didn’t know what was in it. Hopefully this will be defused with the new egg transparency.

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