Pokémon GO, Demeteros: How to beat it and capture it in raid?

Pokémon GO, Demeteros: How to beat it and capture it in raid?

Demeteros, the 5th Generation Legendary Pokémon, returns to Pokémon GO raids until Saturday, March 6 at 8 a.m. Here is our complete guide to capturing it!

The month of March begins quietly on Pokémon GO. After a sick month of February, Niantic resumed its cruising speed. Demeteros comes to replace the Legendaries of the 1st generation in the raids! With its exceptional Ground/Flying type, this is a truly powerful Pokémon.

Now is the time to add him to your team or search for the Shiny. As usual, we’re going to go over all of the Pokémon’s stats, all of its best counters, our strategy tips and more!

Pokémon GO’s Demetero stats: Everything you need to know

  • Number of CP of a 100 IV Demeteros: 2,050 for a normal level 20 encounter. 2 563 for a Weather-boosted Demetero. The more you tend towards these numbers, the more likely your Demeteros is to be perfect.
  • Performance in PVP and raids : Demeteros form Avatar is a very good Pokémon. He has a huge attack stat that allows him to shine in raids on the Sol type and even possibly on the Roche type. In PVP, it can be used in Master League with Mud Shot, Landslide, and Telluriforce attacks.
  • Weaknesses : Demeteros is a Pokémon of type Psy Sol et Vol. It is therefore weak against types Water and Ice. It is especially on the latter that we will linger since there is a double weakness!

Which Pokémon to use to defeat and capture Raid Demeteros? List of the best counters

Note that this list was made using a fairly complex combat simulator, so it is very reliable.

  • Mega-Blizzaroi (Powder / Weather Ball);
  • Darumacho de Galar (Crocs Frost / Avalanche);
  • Mammochon (Powder / Avalanche);
  • Mewtwo (Psycho Cup / Ice Laser);
  • Dimoret (Ice Shards / Avalanche);
  • Lippoutou (Ice Breath / Avalanche);
  • Givrali (Ice Breath / Avalanche);
  • Mega-Tortank (O Gun / Ice Laser);
  • Article (Ice Breath / Ice Laser).

We haven’t added the Dark Pokémon since they’re very expensive to upgrade, but obviously if you have a good Mewtwo, Mammochon, or Dark Dimoret, don’t hesitate.

First of all, know that the weather boost is obtained thanks to Windy weather and Sunny. With this, you will encounter a Demetero at level 25 instead of level 20 but it will be more complicated to beat. Favor Wind over Sun so as not to boost the Legendary’s Ground attacks.

The best time for the attack is, snow. Well, in March it’s quite rare but we can still hope. Note that in case of rain, Water type counters can be quite powerful!

Finally, remember to avoid the partly cloudy weather, it is a blow to take you rock attacks in full pear.

List of Demetero attacks on Pokémon GO and their influence on your raid fight

Quick attacks Charged attacks
  • Mud Shot (Ground)
  • Jet-Stones (Rock)
  • Exploforce (Combat)
  • Landslide (Rock)
  • Wrath (Dragon)
  • Telluriforce (Soil)

Regardless of the attacks, the Ice type is still the best. A double weakness is almost impossible to compensate for. That being said, Landslide and Blast are extremely dangerous attacks for your Ice Pokémon. Faced with such a Demetero, the number of trainers necessary for the capture skyrocketed.

In terms of the best attacks to go for, it depends on the use you want to have Demeteros. For raids, you obviously need an attack duo of the same type (Ground obviously but also Roche). For PVP, you need Mud Shot, Rockfall, and Warblast.

How many Trainers does it take to beat Demeteros in Pokémon GO?

Thanks to a double weakness and not crazy defense stats, it is possible to beat Demeteros as a duo under ideal conditions. But hey, all you need is a bad weather forecast and a big Exploforce to quickly calm your ardor.

We therefore advise you to come to at least 3 or 4 good trainers. For people with a little less experience, you know, the more the merrier the laughter!

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