Plex launched a Subscription Service with classic Atari Games

Plex launched a Subscription Service with classic Atari Games

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Globe Live Media, Thursday, January 28, 2021

Plex announced that it will launch its arcade service with which you will be able to play 80s classics from the golden age of Atari consoles. We tell you how it works, the prices, and more details, in this note!

Plex, one of the most popular music, movie and series streaming services in the United States, will now add a new feature: video games. The company announced that it will launch Plex Arcade from your blog and you already have a website to promote it. This will be a service that will cost $ 3 per month to those who are already subscribers, or $ 5 if not, and will offer classics of Atari.

From this service you will be able to play Centipede, Super Breakout, Missile Command and loads of 80s classics, originally released for Atari 2600 Y 7800. In the first instance there will be 27 games that will require you to have a server Plex on your Windows or macOS computer, which in turn requires a Parsec. There is support for Chrome, Android, TV, iOS Y tvOS, and any control with bluetooth is used to play.

The service allows you to add your own emulators and ROMs, but the truth is that it sounds a bit complicated despite the low price. However, if you want to play nostalgic classics from the 80s, this is an official and cheap way to run them. .ar Plex 2If you want to try Plex, at this time they offer a free seven-day trial that only requires you to link a credit card or a bank account or PayPal, and then you can unsubscribe. This, according to the company, is a project they carry out to measure interest in a service of this style. “If there is any interest and we see that people subscribe, it will grow into the wonderful animal that we know it can be. But if they are not interested, it will die on the way like a goomba.”

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