PlayStation 5: A Giant Model at 70,000 dollars

PlayStation 5: A Giant Model at 70,000 dollars

Take the PlayStation 5, multiply its height by 300 and its weight by 6 and you will get the biggest model of the console. For $70,000, a Youtuber appropriated it to customize it. Brent Dubin. tells all this in the first daily of the week.

PlayStation 5: A Giant Model at 70,000 dollars

Announced in September 2020 and released two months later, the PlayStation 5 had been the subject of negative reviews for its imposing size, compared to other consoles.

Xbox had even split a small spade to highlight the inconvenience of the base of its competitor on Twitter. If the Sony machine can have significant dimensions, an XXL model has emerged.

The equivalent of 30 PS5

Showed up two weeks ago on the ZHC YouTube channel, a content creator with 19 million subscribers. For more than 100 hours, the tech artist has customized it: 3 meters in height for 227 kilos, the equivalent of 30 real-size PS5s stacked horizontally on top of each other.

It does not only have a decorative purpose since it would also be playable, with the (giant) controller that goes with it.

Brent Dubin
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