Last June was a busy month for SEGA, as they not only shared the first details of Sonic Frontiers, but also revealed their plans for HYENAS, an ambitious FPS set in a sci-fi future with elements of popular culture. If the proposal caught your attention, then you should know that its gameplay has just been revealed, albeit prematurely and unofficially.

The announcement of HYENAS caused some controversy because the developer Creative Assembly and its owner, SEGA, decided to reveal the title in any way except with gameplay, so until now we only know that it is an FPS in which 5 teams of 3 players each one will have to face each other on a map larger than one of a regular multiplayer title, but smaller than that of a Battle Royale, and that will also have zero gravity sections.

SEGA leaked the gameplay of HYENAS

Well, SEGA is not yet ready to reveal the gameplay of HYENAS, but a player was ahead of him and revealed unofficially and for the first time the way in which it will be played in this multiplayer.

The company opened registrations for players who want to try HYENAS in advance through the Alpha tests of the project. The first period was held last month, but there would be more in the following months.

The third session took place this week and in it players could experiment with zero gravity. Until then, the tests had occurred without any problem, but the most recent one was leaked.

A player participated in it who decided to violate SEGA’s confidentiality agreement, which he had to sign in order to participate and which prohibited him from disclosing information about the game, especially recording or sharing the session.

The user in question uploaded the gameplay to YouTube and was identified as Glitch3r, thanks to the fact that the content had a large watermark that also revealed his security code.

This is a serious breach of the agreement that the user established with SEGA, so the company has every right to take action on the matter. The video showed around 1 hour of in-game footage, but at the time of writing it was no longer available because it was marked private (via Video Games Chronicle).

SEGA acknowledged HYENAS leak and promises to reveal gameplay soon

This contract breaking drew a lot of attention because it showed the world what the HYENAS gameplay is like, something that SEGA had not officially shown because it still does not feel ready to do it properly. In fact, the company had to acknowledge the leak and reassure fans about the expected revelation.

“Over the past few hours, you may have seen things that you shouldn’t have seen. Prohibited things. Certainly very cool things. We forgive you. We assure you that we are working hard to reveal the gameplay of HYENAS in the best possible way soon For now, please trust our process,” SEGA commented in a similar way to how Capcom addressed the Street Fighter leaks 6 months ago.

If you want to discover the gameplay of HYENAS and play it sooner without getting in trouble with SEGA, then we recommend that you officially register to be able to access these closed test sessions, as more are scheduled for the coming months.

In addition, SEGA confirmed that the wait to learn more about the title will not be long, since it will take the project to gamescom 2022 for the media to test it and share their impressions.

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HYENAS is in development and is expected to debut in 2023 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via the Microsoft Store, Epic Games Store, and Steam).

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