Platinum Games wants to work with Xbox on Scalebound

Platinum Games wants to work with Xbox on Scalebound

Many years have passed since the cancellation of Scalebound, an Xbox exclusive that promised to be something of a hack and slash. Since then, several rumors have jumped presuming the return of the development of the game, but nothing has materialized. Even the creator of the game, Hideki Kamiya, has been pressuring Phil Spencer to decide to take this game back at the hands of Platinum Gammes.

Now, we have new statements from the studio, and with several years of experience behind them, they already feel ready to resume this project that, at first, looked like a disaster. Now, in an interview they have been asked again about the game, and they have left an answer in the air that could excite many people.

Let me take this, because if we let Kamiya-san answer this – replied a Platinum developer, Takao Yamane – I think maybe he will give too much unnecessary information! All I can say here is that as PlatinumGames we cannot comment or say anything about this.

Scalebound could have its development back, or so it seems

Although the answers do not make anything clear, imagination in the face of ambiguity can flourish. And it is that not telling anything makes the public imagine things that it should not. Just like us now, what we understand from this answer is that they can’t tell anything because effectively they are already working on it.

Recently, Phil Spencer made it clear that they have nothing in mind for the future for Scalebound, but he never ruled out a return to this development. With the people at Platinum Games so excited, it’s easy to think that this game would finally have plans for a revival.

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