youn definitive game that leaves Jijantes mortally injured, a team that says goodbye to almost no chance of reaching Camp Nou in Kings League finals InfoJobs. All through a PIO who got lucky for the first time, but is still in a very bad position to reach the long-awaited ranking.

What if there was a protagonistit was Carlos Corvo, a player who shares a team with the Buyer brothers in the futsal league in which they participate, not in the Kings League InfoJobs. For this reason, for many days there has been talk of “ready”, since the two brothers knew perfectly well what the player’s qualities were. “He’s a crack”, they came to say of him.

Carlos Corvo plays with the Buyer brothers in a futsal league and arrives to resuscitate PIO

Carlos Corvo’s first Kings League goal InfoJobsKings League InfoJobs

The match started badly for Jijantes, who are already starting in a bad position due to various unexpected injuries. With several fewer players since before starting with little reaction room and very low morale, they could barely stand up to a PIO who believed in it from the first minute.

With Corvo as repulsive, They started by taking the lead very quickly thanks to a really nice goal from this. From there, the encounter was a monologue for those in Rivers. The 2-0 came very quickly and when Perxitaa released the 2-for-2 map at minute 19, it was broken.

PIO FC proved to be far superior tactically, while Jijantes looks nervous. So with this 2 cons. 2 as a big protagonist, they came 3-0 and 4-0. The second part was no better, although the hustle did slow down slightly. Jijantes was able to stop the rival attacks, but they created almost no danger. The 5-0 will eventually come with the shootcourt penalty card.

Carlos Corvo executed it, but Zapata, the Jijantes goalkeeper, stopped it with a penalty reviewed by VAR. This time with a normal foul-based penalty, Lopo ran the maximum penalty and put the final 5-0.

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