(Update – 22:30 GMT) Bethesda has updated its Redfall FAQ page to clarify the situation, confirming that the Xbox physical release Send to with a Blu-ray disc. Here’s the updated answer to the team’s FAQ, which is a little clearer this time:

“The physical retail version of Redfall Xbox Standard Edition comes with a Blu-Ray disc.

The Bite Back upgrade can be purchased separately. Inside the Bite Back Upgrade you will find a code that grants you the Bite Back Upgrade game items. Owners of the physical Xbox version of Redfall who wish to purchase the Bite Back upgrade can do so digitally or at participating retailers.

The physical retail version of the PC version does not come with a game disc. The Xbox Standard Edition is the only SKU that provides players with a physical disc of the game.

(Original Story – 6:30 p.m. GMT) The days of physical video games seem to be drawing closer to their untimely demise, and this news certainly won’t help. Bethesda’s next Xbox exclusive, Redfall, one of the company’s first big releases under Xbox ownership, won’t even include a retail disc according to the game’s FAQ page.

Under a ‘FAQ’ titled “What codes come with the physical versions of Redfall?” Bethesda has revealed that the Xbox version of the game will be a download code, including in retail stores. Here’s the company’s full response:

“The code contained in the physical PC copies of Redfall are Steam codes.

Physical Xbox copies of Redfall are Xbox Play Anywhere codes that can be played on both Xbox Series X|S and the Microsoft Xbox app on PC.”

Unless we’re somehow misjudging that answer, it looks like Xbox and Bethesda are forgoing any kind of disc entirely in retail versions of Redfall. We remember Halo Infinite shipping with virtually no data on disc, requiring a huge download to play, but this is the first time we’ve heard of a mainline Xbox title shipping at retail as a digital code.

While the method of delivery of the games does not matter As many Due to the frequency of large post-launch patches, this decision highlights an important point: resale value. Xbox is moving to a $70 price tag for its AAA games in 2023, starting with Redfall, and it looks like you won’t be able to sell the game after purchase.

If we spot any further clarification on this FAQ update, we’ll definitely bring you the news, but as it stands, it looks like Redfall will essentially be a retail “code in a box” release.

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(source help.bethesda.net)

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