Paradox would buy ips and studios

Paradox would buy ips and studios

The purchase of Activision by Microsoft and those of the Embracer group are not the only ones that have taken place in 2022, but with the year still in its first half, it seems that they will not be the last. A few days ago, during a corporate presentation, Frederik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive confirmed that “the company would be interested in acquiring companies and IPs in the coming years.”

At the moment, no names were mentioned, which leaves the door open for speculation.

Paradox keeps moving its pieces to focus on strategy

Wester also confirmed Paradox’s desire to “strengthen the ecosystem and services” it provides around its games to ensure that players “receive what they were expecting.” The CEO also confirmed that they continue to invest in their “main line” focusing on strategic projects that will receive the main capital for their development.

Following the trail of success left in its wake by Crusader Kings 3, the company will soon present the highly anticipated Victoria 3 on the market and the development plans for Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 are already known, which would not be far away either.

It would be very interesting if the company used its experience in this genre that it clearly dominates to revive some classic franchises that should never fall into oblivion.

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