Pac-Man 99 and his battle royale come to Nintendo Switch Online for free

Pac-Man 99 and his battle royale come to Nintendo Switch Online for free

There are games that never go out of style and one of them is Pac-Man , the popular game of pacifiers that now comes with one of its most recent versions to Nintendo Switch. And the best thing is that you can enjoy it completely free as long as you have an active subscription to Nintendo Switch Online .

Pac-Man 99 free with Nintendo Switch Online

It must be admitted that, seeing what other companies such as Microsoft or Sony do with their respective consoles and online stores, Nintendo is not that it lavishes much in this of offers and giving games from time to time to its users. However, not everything is racanería and for some time they have contributed something of value to their subscription service Nintendo Switch Online.

Among the basic options such as being able to play online, backing up data in the cloud and some other extras, the most interesting thing about paying for Nintendo Switch Online is the possibility of accessing several classics of the company’s first consoles, the NES and Super NES. Among this catalog of games there are very good titles with which we are convinced that you are going to enjoy a lot. But if you want more, every now and then the big N gets a bit carried away too and offers things like this.

Now Nintendo repeats the move it already made in 2019 with Tetris 99 and Nintendo Switch Online users will be able to download and play Pac-Man 99 for free . Yes, one of the latest versions of the well-known game comecocos comes to the latest Nintendo laptop and can be a good leisure option for those times when you don’t know what to play or feel like changing your registration.

A Pac-Mac with touches of Battle Royale

This Pac-Man 99 not only differs from the rest by name, but also by its game modes. And it is that 99 has a very simple explanation: they are the players who will be able to compete with each other in the purest Battle Royale style . That is, you and 98 other players are going to challenge you to see who is the last to fall. Whoever does so will be proclaimed the victor.

Of course, it will not be easy and you will not only have to be aware of the ghosts that haunt you on your screen, but also the rest of the games in case you can choose some type of strategy that guarantees success. Thus, if you are into competitive games, it can be interesting.

In addition to this free-for-all plan, it also offers some extras that involve purchases with real money and that give access to customization elements . These in turn form a pack that if you are interested you can purchase at one time for the price of $ 30 or $ 2 each independently.

When will I be able to download Pac-Man 99 for Nintendo Switch

The game already announced by Nintendo through the trailer you have above will be available to play on April 8 . Meanwhile, what you can do is reserve it for when it is activated. But remember that you must have an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

If not, you will not be able to play it. Although the truth is that having the price it has, it is true that it is not the best service of all, but it is profitable if you like the most classic games from platforms prior to Nintendo Switch.

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