Overwatch joins the list of games optimized for Xbox Series X and S. With update 1.58 released yesterday by Blizzard, players now have the choice of three graphics modes, including one to achieve 120 frames per second.

Here is the detail of the three modes now offered in Overwatch on Xbox Series X and S, such as announced by Blizzard :

  • Resolution: this mode offers a higher resolution at the expense of a certain image quality. Xbox Series X at 4K at 60Hz, Xbox Series S at 1440p at 60Hz
  • Balanced: This mode favors image quality over resolution. Xbox Series X at 1440p @ 60Hz, Xbox Series S at 1080p @ 60Hz.
  • Framerate: this mode favors a higher frame rate of 120 frames per second to the detriment of image quality and resolution. Xbox Series X at 1440p @ 120Hz, Xbox Series S at 1080p @ 120Hz.

Of course, as Blizzard rightly points out, you must be equipped with a 120 Hz TV and / or support the Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) to take full advantage of the Framerate mode.

If you missed it, Overwatch 2 was recently in the news during BlizzConline with a 38-minute making-of video. The release of the title, which will notably bring new PvE game modes, will not take place before 2022.

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