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Overwatch 2 x One Punch Man: other similar collaborations to come?

The first collaboration between Blizzard and another universe was recently announced. Will this be the start of a great epic for the American company?

There have been collaborations on Overwatch, including with character models related to World of Warcraft (Symmetra Tyrande and Genji Illidan). However, this is the first time a non-Blizzard license has come to Overwatch 2.

March 7 will mark in stone the first external collaboration for Overwatch 2. As a result, a new One Punch Man event which offers many rewards to collect. Although there is very little information at the moment, we already know that Doomfist will be able to wear Saitama’s famous outfit. There is no doubt that the Doomfist plan will be obtainable after overcoming many challenges, but the Overwatch teams have remained very discreet about this event. We will have to be patient and wait until the beginning of March to find out more.

However, is it a one-shot? Or could other collaborations happen later?

Is Overwatch 2 the new Fortnite?

Overwatch 2 seems to want to emulate the famous Battle Royale Fortnite. A master in the field, the Epic Games game continues to offer incredible collaborations to its community. In fact, Geralt of Rivia will soon be roaming the streets of Brutal Bastion or Slappy Shores in search of the top 1.

So will Overwatch 2 follow this same dynamic? We do know that in a video posted by Comicbook.com, Vice President Jon Spector and Art Director Dion Rogers talked about this topic. Depending on the tone used and the enthusiasm aroused by this first collaboration, others may well bebut at a much slower pace than Fortnite.

There is a desire to create more skins for heroes. AND, the teams obviously had fun designing the Saitama model for Doomfistso everything seems to indicate that others will arrive in the future.

As the conversation progressed, Tanner Dedmon asked which collaborations Dion Rogers and Jon Spector would like to see appear in Overwatch 2. And unexpectedly, it’s not Heroes of the Storm Who exit. The two representatives named manga and more specifically Naruto and Dragon Ball. The Overwatch 2 team seems to be heading towards collaborations involving the world of manga and anime.

One thing is certain: each collaboration will be worked so that the hero who receives a new skin corresponds to the character to be used. Doomfist’s abilities suit Saitama’s character perfectly, so things should feel natural. At least I hope so.

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