Overwatch 2 will require you to register a phone number to play

Overwatch 2 will require you to register a phone number to play

It is not long before the release of Overwatch 2 sequel to the hugely popular Overwatch which has found tremendous success since its launch. With the exit set for October 4th, Blizzard has decided to share some details regarding his new work with the community, focusing on a rather innovative detail that has not been well received by the entire community, with some players who have turned up their noses for this decision.

Overwatch 2 will need a registered phone number in order to be played

Well yes, all those who intend to throw themselves into the adventure of Overwatch 2they will have to register their phone number by associating it with their Battle.net account, so you can start the game. It is certainly a very curious and unexpected choice, but Blizzard he immediately wanted to clarify things and explain why he decided to take this path.

According to the software house, in fact, this function will allow for a higher level of security with two-factor verification. In practice, this is the same thing that already happens in other situations, such as in the case of PayPal. However, there are limitations including the fact that players cannot have multiple accounts registered with the same number and prepaid or VOIP phones cannot be used. In short, the intentions of Blizzard they are also good but, as mentioned above, there are already several users who do not share this choice.

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