Overwatch 2: Is Blizzard’s team-based shooter video game really resurrected?

Overwatch 2: Is Blizzard’s team-based shooter video game really resurrected?

Find our video test of Blizzard’s shooter: Overwatch 2. Is he really who he claims to be? We give you all the answers in this video!

That’s it, Overwatch 2 is finally available for free on all gaming platforms! The death knell has obviously still not sounded for this license, because Blizzard is doubling down by offering a content-rich version 2.0 of Overwatch thanks to the launch of its first season.

Overwatch 2: for better or for worse?

Like a phoenix, the latter is reborn from its ashes to come back in a new light; however, for competitive mode. Indeed, Overwatch 2 is not who it claims to be. On the contrary, it is actually a big content update, nothing more nothing less. Those who have had the chance to have access to the different beta phases will not be out of place. The Story mode is still not available and will not be released before 2023. Mystery and rubber ball, so you will have to be patient.

On the program for the launch of Overwatch 2: new heroines, a new map never seen before, a modernization of the interface, an improvement of the UI, a new game mode (Advanced) then the resumption of seasonal events, but this time completely new. If you wanted to have a small preview of what the continuation of the adventure of Chacalstein gives, therefore the Halloween event, know that we will not be able to do it. Blizzard has the surprise in store, so let’s wait until October 25 to find out what all of this is all about.

To compensate for free access to Overwatch 2, the development teams have chosen to integrate a Combat Pass. It’s not that different from the others, as it offers a plethora of cosmetics to earn. Note that some are completely free, but the rewards are much more attractive when you pay 10€ to obtain the Pass.

A Battle Pass that goes beyond

On the other hand, a worrying element is available on this famous Battle Pass and will not help free-to-play players. Indeed, new heroes can only be obtained by unlocking them after a certain tier level and as much to warn you, it will take time. At least, if you choose not to spend even a cent in the game, because the blue card can solve all your problems.

If you want to play for free, all you have to do is complete challenges to gain experience on this famous Battle Pass, but others will be much more advanced than you. Pass owners will get experience bonuses, and Blizzard has added the ability to purchase level caps. To put it simply, by paying a good hundred euros, you can therefore receive all the rewards without having to move a finger.

Add to that a fairly restrictive system for new players since the latter will not be able to play with all the heroes; they will have to play no less than 100 games to have access to all the other characters. There are of course other problems, but our video will tell you much more.

This Battle Pass and this restriction for new players brings a rather bitter taste, despite all the nice things that the PvP mode of Overwatch 2 can offer.

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