Outriders: Interactive map shows legendary weapons, resources & items

Outriders: Interactive map shows legendary weapons, resources & items

MapGenie provides the ultimate map for any item in Outriders

The world of Outriders is huge and invites you to explore it extensively with its different areas. There are numerous collectibles, quests and other useful items in the game. These not only help to improve your own equipment, but also serve to complete some trophies.

In order not to lose the overview and to make farming easier, the MapGenie team has created an interactive map for Outriders. The map shows you all possible locations and can be adjusted according to your own wishes.

MapGenie is known for its detailed maps, which are also available for Escape from Tarkov and Red Dead Redemption 2, for example.

You can find the map for Outriders here: mapgenie.io/outriders

This is how the card works

First of all, it should be noted that it is for English version only. At the top left you will find a search bar in which you can simply enter a term such as “legendary weapon”. Thereupon all locations will be marked for you, where there is a legendary weapon to get hold of.

If you want to dust off a legendary weapon, you should pay attention to your current World Tier level. The higher the selected level of difficulty, the better the loot level of the weapon to be obtained.

The heart of the map are of course the various filters, which you can select and deselect as you wish under the search bar. If you are only looking for a certain thing, first click on the “Hide All” option above the search bar. This will automatically deselect all filters. Now click on all the things that you want to display under the search bar.

Not yet final: The people responsible for the interactive Outriders map have not yet finished their work. This means that not all areas are available yet and some information may be missing. When the card should be ready is currently open.

The Outriders map is to be constantly expanded, as the manufacturers explain on their website.

These filters are available to you

Locations – areas:

  • Area – area sections
  • Historian – Historian
  • Explorer Flag
  • Vendor – dealer


  • Journal – diary entry
  • Lore story


  • Chest – Lootkisten
  • Legendary Weapon – Legendary weapon


  • Historian Quest – Historiker-Quest
  • Main Quest – Haupt-Quest
  • Wanted Quest – Kopfgeld
  • Hunter Quest – War Zone Animals
  • Side Quest – side quest


Enemies – opponents:

  • Boss – Bossgegner
  • Elite opponent – Elite opponent


  • Ammo Crate – Munitionskiste
  • Miscellaneous
  • Historical Item – Historisches Item
  • NPC

Track your own progress & premium features

If you want to get everything out of the menu, it’s worth one free account to create. Once you have registered, you can keep an eye on your own progress by checking off items and completed quests that have already been found.

You can also mark your own places on the map that seem important to you. Always make sure to save regularly so that your entries do not disappear after closing the website.

With a paid pro account you get additional features: A one-time payment not only disappears all advertising, specially marked locations can also be shared with friends and all restrictions on tracking progress disappear.

For ten dollars a year you can upgrade to MapGenie +, which gives you the premium versions of all maps that have already been published and those that are still to come.

More guides on Outriders

Since Outriders is a rather complex game, we of course also provide you with many useful guides. In addition to solving technical problems, we also address the question of how you can get the various items as quickly as possible.

Exclusive to Plus:

There are of course also extensive guides for our Plus subscribers, which are constantly being expanded.

How do you like the interactive maps from MapGenie? Let us know in the comments.

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