Nvidia: RTX 3060 cards are still more popular than ever

Nvidia: RTX 3060 cards are still more popular than ever

Nvidia’s RTX 3060 remains the best-selling graphics card. Given the price of the latest models, the phenomenon is likely to last.

Nvidia’s RTX 3060 seems to be the new battle cry of PC gamers. The latter devote most of their budget to this essential component. HE The GPU can also tell a lot about a configuration. Someone using an Nvidia RTX 4000 card, for example, is looking to get the best without worrying about price. However, old cards also count. Someone with a GTX 1080 is more conservative in spending and can still play decently. HE Steam statistics on video cards. paint a general picture of the PC gaming community. They give an overview of what is popular in February. Currently, many gamers are turning to the RTX 3060whose popularity continues to grow as the current generation advances.

Bought en masse, it represents today the best value for money.

The RTX 3060 at the top of the sales

In October last year, the RTX 3060 was one of the fastest growing cards on Steam, but with the release of new cards, holiday sales, those numbers started to drop in November. Not much, but enough to Nvidia launches a new generation of cards. The following months were pretty flat for RTX 3060 adoption, but February saw the highest numbers since December. The percentage of RTX 3060 users on Steam continues to increase. In fact, the The GPU currently ranks fifth in terms of popularity. It’s aiming just behind cards like the RTX 2060 aimed at portables.


A cryptocurrency mining rig made entirely of RTX 3060.

RTX 4000s are still expensive

These figures are not surprising. Nvidia’s 30 series barely had time to hit the marketboth the request for GPU for bitcoin miners and the chip shortage Lasted Also, the RTX 4000 cards were highlighted. Although powerful, this series consumes a lot of energy and is prohibitively priced. Indeed, when a The RTX 3060 costs less than 400 euros and that the RTX 4070 Ti costs 1000 euros, there is no debate. Maybe the RTX 4070 is cheaper, but until then, other than a few well-heeled fans, no one will be rushing to adopt the latest generation.

Interestingly though, despite being cheaper, more powerful and widely available, competing AMD RX 6000 series cards see almost no change in ratings. For information, the average gamer uses a GTX 1650 instead. And the The GTX 1060 still ranks second. Also The GTX 1080 continues to rank higher on the popularity list than any RTX 4000 series card.

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