Norco is delayed indefinitely on consoles and Xbox Game Pass

Norco is delayed indefinitely on consoles and Xbox Game Pass

Norco was scheduled to arrive on our Xbox and Xbox Game Pass on October 20, 2022. Unfortunately this will not be possible, since Raw Fury, publisher of this delivery, has confirmed that is delayed indefinitely. On the other hand, the game is available on PC and PC Game Pass, so you can play it from there without any problem.

This graphic adventure had confirmed to us last month that it would arrive on Xbox and go directly to the Xbox Game Pass service on launch day. But due to some still unresolved issues, this arrival is forced to be delayed; still without a date launch.

Norco does not come to consoles, for now

Raw Fury herself has been in charge of notifying us of this delay, the means by which they have done it is, of course, via Twitter. In their official account they have been very clear about it and console players will have to wait longer to enjoy Norco.

Due to some unforeseen issues, we will not be able to release Norco on consoles on October 20th as planned. We will share a new date as soon as we have it determined.

As you can see, they do not give more details about what problems are affecting the console version. Be that as it may, we still do not have a fixed date to enjoy this graphic adventure on our machines, so we will be attentive to the next news. Meanwhile, I remind you again that you can enjoy this game on PC y gracias a PC Game Pass.

And since this installment is available on PC, here’s a notice of two great installments that will arrive on your computer completely free in the next few days.

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