No Man’s Sky, the new Endurance update is available

No Man’s Sky, the new Endurance update is available

The game has welcomed a new free update!

Hello Games announced that all fans of No Man’s Sky can now enjoy the 20° update from No Man’s Sky titled Endurance and available on all platforms where the now famous title set in space has landed.

As specified by the independent development team above, the name Endurance conjures up images of epic voyages at the helm of iconic and towering ships, so it’s no surprise that this new update focuses on merchant fleets, even introducing a whole new way to use and enjoy your capital ship.

No Man’s Sky has welcomed the new Endurance update

And in doing this, No Man’s Sky has decided to increase the ability to radically customize these huge ships, making them become true bases for space travel, complete with scanning rooms, shops, planters, refineries and extractors and much, much more.

Furthermore Hello Games confirmed that travelers will now be able to map and configure their merchant bases however they want, thanks to a wide variety of styles with glass corridors, walkways, both indoor and outdoor, as well as brand new hangar and bridge effects.

All this also with the possibility of being able to populate the mercantile with further crew members that give life to the mobile base, also setting gods teleportation nodes anywhere on the ship. The development team then specified how this refurbished freighter will include large glass windows and an external walkway, elements that allow you to have an unparalleled observation point to inspect the system and admire the planets and stars that surround you.

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