Last year we saw the arrival of some characters from my hero academia to the Fortnite battle royale and since then their fans have been asking for a second batch of skins with more heroes, with miko among the most requested. For this reason, we offer you an excellent Mirko or Miroku cosplay made by the beautiful Imitatewith which he surprised fans of the My Hero Academia anime and manga.

The My Hero Academia anime and manga have become very popular in recent years and a lot of that is due to their excellent character designs, which have become very distinctive and some of the most creative we have from Mirko. Miroku has received many tributes in the form of cosplays over the past few years, but few have looked as good as Niru’s.

The cosplayer known as Niru is of Chilean descent and started posting her anime and manga character cosplays almost a year ago, but during that short time she has boasted of a professional quality for its costumes. Since its inception, Niru has cosplayed My Hero Academia but none of them look as good as the ones shown by Mirko a few months ago.

In fact, Niru has done several Mirko cosplays over the past year and they all looked great, so if you like the one we decided to share a bit above, you’ll surely like the others. We first saw Niru in her Niru cosplay in mid-August last year, when she posted a photo taken by a Chilean photographer known as Planet Ruupu.

In the following days, Niru shared more photos from that same session and surprised My Hero Academia fans a lot with how good his cosplay was, although luckily it wasn’t the last time. At the end of September, we saw Niru cosplaying Miroku again in another session photographed by Planet Ruupu, but this time he did it on green grass with a more natural result.

The latest Mirko cosplays that Niru has released have been very well received by his fans and could well be considered one of the best tributes to this My Hero Academia character since at the moment we only remember ‘no cosplayer who’s done it is better. .

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