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Nintendo Switch Controller: Nintendo Switch sells nearly 80 million units and surpasses Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo’s hybrid console continues to prove that it is the current market dominator with incredible global figures

Nintendo Switch continues to meet Nintendo’s best sales forecasts, and that is because the launch of PS5 and Xbox Series does not seem to have affected the current dominator of the video game market in the least. In this way, after exceeding 70 million units sold as reported during last November 2020, today the hybrid console manages to stay at the gates of 80 million units .

Thus, as reflected by Gematsu’s colleagues , Nintendo Switch already accumulates a total of 79.87 million units sold worldwide. Taking a closer look at the sales, we can see 66.34 million of the total belong to the standard hybrid console, while the remaining 13.53 million refer to Nintendo Switch Lite, the purely portable version of the console that seems to have found its place in the industry.

Nintendo Switch

These new data for Nintendo Switch are a great achievement for the console: having surpassed what Nintendo 3DS did at the time. Although during the mentioned November it was already anticipated that this fact was inevitable in view of the rate of sales of the hybrid platform, it has been with the most recent financial report that the 75.94 million of Nintendo 3DS have finally been surpassed by the new data of Nintendo Switch . Thanks to the new figures of Nintendo Switch, it is less than two million to enter the top 10 best-selling consoles in history , now having the Game Boy Advance ahead.

Is the much-rumored Nintendo Switch Pro model necessary? For months it has been speculated that Nintendo, in view of the additional power received by PS5 and Xbox Series , could propose an alternative of enhanced hardware so as not to be deprived of possible multiplatform versions of the games. Although the Japanese company has not yet confirmed anything about it, in this article you can find the thoughts of a developer about it.

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