Manette Nintendo Switch Pro

Nintendo Manette Switch Pro

Nintendo’s famous Pro controller drops in price with a 12% promotion! A great opportunity to equip yourself while making some savings.

The Nintendo Switch shines with its hardware and software innovations that continue to mark the industry by offering an offer different from its competitors. One of its peculiarities are of course the Joy-Con, Nintendo’s spearhead, these controls of a new kind have yet eclipsed an exceptional controller concocted by the Japanese brand for its successful console.

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The best Nintendo controller

The Pro controller or the Pro Controller impresses with its ease of use and its high-quality finishes. Nintendo has not forgotten the most traditional gamers and offers them a controller, certainly more classic, but very solid in terms of use.

Indeed, the accessory provides immersion and a gaming experience like no other! First important point, its battery allows an autonomy of 30 hours is much more important than the main competing controllers on the market. So you can chain together long hours of play in dock mode! If the Joy-Con are not so suitable for use in sedentary mode, Nintendo wanted to offer players a comfortable pad, very pleasant to hold in hand with asymmetrical sticks, precise and durable material.

That’s not all ! Nintendo’s Pro Controller incorporates a precise gyroscope and accelerometer that detect your movements and offer you various gameplay levers that are very interesting for the many games of the Nintendo Switch! Long before the DualSense, Nintendo had opted for HD vibrations on the Joy-Con and therefore it is quite normal to find the same technology on the Pro Controller of the Japanese brand!

The Joy-Con remain great successes, but have some pitfalls like its directional cross. This is completely corrected with this controller which has a cross perfectly suited to combat games in particular.

Despite the front buttons a little too bulky and analog triggers, moreover, absent, its longevity, its precise vibrations and its ergonomics make up for its few small faults to finally make it one of the best controllers on the market.

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