On this occasion, and without setting a precedent, we have not used the image of Lady Dimitrescu solely for aesthetics. And it is that in the past Capcom Showcase just a month ago, the Japanese developer presented what many expected, the first and new DLC of the latest installment of Resident Evil, called Shadows of Rose, but there was also a surprise, the new mode Mercenaries that will be included in the reissued Resident Evil: Village Gold Edition now available for pre-order.

As happened with the seventh installment, Capcom also wants to renew and expand the user base with Resident Evil: Village Gold Edition. And precisely that Mercenaries mode, officially called: «The Mercenaries Additional Orders», is the one that curiously takes an unusual step forward including Lady Dimitrescu herself and Heisenberg, another of the main bosses of the game, along with Chris Redfield.

Resident Evil: Village Gold Edition will also come at an interesting price

Among the new details given of the Mercenaries mode, there are the two new scenarios, called ‘Bloody Village’ and ‘Bloody River’, and a description of the abilities of the characters to choose from.

  • Chris Redfield he will be able to pack a huge punch to get out of the worst situations, his Onslaught mode will allow him to move and reload at incredible speed.
  • Karl Heisenberg He has electrical powers. Together with the huge hammer he can manipulate magnetic currents.
  • Lady Dimitrescu he can use his height to his advantage, he has a power-up that goes up as he cuts his opponents, allowing him to summon his daughters.

Of course, to enjoy Resident Evil: Village Gold Edition, its new Mercenaries mode and the DLC starring the daughter of Ethan Winters, we will have to wait until October 28.

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