New Pikmin 4 Trailer Confirms July Release Date

New Pikmin 4 Trailer Confirms July Release Date

Pikmin 4 will go on sale July 21, Nintendo has announced

The release date was revealed during a Nintendo Direct on Wednesday, which began with a new trailer showing off a close-up of the camera and a new dog-like sidekick.

Nintendo said the following: “Introducing Pikmin, the tiny, plant-like creatures you can grow, gather, command, and dominate your enemies on your grand quest on a strange planet.”

“These curious helpers come in different types: fire is no problem for red Pikmin, and the new ice Pikmin can freeze enemies and the environment. Use your Pikmin’s miniature power (and a little thought strategic) as you explore.

“You also have a Space Dog: Oatchi can help you break through obstacles and transport Pikmin on your adventure. With tiny Pikmin and a capable dog in tow, no challenge is too big or too small!”

Nintendo Head of Game Design Shigeru Miyamoto first announced Pikmin 4 during a Nintendo Direct presentation in September and showed off the first images of the highly anticipated sequel.

In a suggestion that the game could see a significant change in its formula, Miyamoto said the game will allow users to play from the perspective of the Pikmins closer to the ground.

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