As part of Sony’s series of indie game announcements on February 9, 2023, a new update has appeared for eternal nights. As a reminder, this is a post-apocalypse indie action-RPG that not only involves dealing with enemies, but also sticking to a schedule and building relationships with allies. While it originally had an “early” 2023 release window, it will now release in the summer of 2023. There’s also a new trailer showing potential encounter situations, battling enemies, and exploring.

The announcement covered some updated stuff as development progresses. He pointed out that the timeline has been adjusted, which will determine what people do and how long they have to achieve the goals. The combat UI ended up being changed, which can be seen in the new trailer.

Here is the new trailer of the game. It only presents the performances of the English voice actors. However, the latest announcement confirmed that Japanese and Korean dubbing will also be in the game. It starts with the band traveling the world. From there we can see them in battle against several different opponents. At the 44th second, we could see the hero interacting with some of the heroines. One of the moments even involves a hug.

eternal nights It’s coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC in summer 2023.

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