New EA patent revolutionizes the use of In-game Currency in Online Games

New EA patent revolutionizes the use of In-game Currency in Online Games

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Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts is now the owner of a new patent that could signal changes in the way players handle online in-game currency in the company’s franchises. The new patent, which focuses on facilitating multi-game currency in various online games, was granted to the company on January 19th.

The patent describes a system in which players use multi-game currency in multiple online games and the issuance of this currency is authenticated by a third party. Basically, this means that players can collect in-game currency in one game and then spend that currency on items in another game. A third party provider such as Facebook or Google Plus is used as a medium between the player and EA to authenticate the transactions.

Third party providers

This system could make it easier for players to get desired items and the like across various EA franchises. to get. But as always with such new systems, there are also concerns. While third party vendors can act as an independent party to ensure that online currency is adequately earned and spent, they could also abuse their powers.

For example, potential third-party provider Facebook is being investigated for blocking competition from Oculus after the social media giant bought Oculus in 2014.


While Facebook is unlikely to buy up EA, the possibility remains that Facebook or some other third party would require some form of registration in order to use the multigame currency it is monitoring.

Facebook already requires Oculus owners to create a Facebook account, so this type of forced connection is not out of the question.

On the other hand, the patent could mean a positive change for EA’s online games. Imagine earning currency in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team and then using it in Madden NFL 21 or NHL 21.

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