• Tom Henderson has revealed a lot of unpublished information regarding the game.

Despite the continuing delays behind the scenes for the announcement of Need for Speed ​​Unbound, Tom Henderson has returned to the office with a new report that is decidedly full-bodied and full of interesting information regarding the game, obtained directly from some sources considered by the insider as extremely reliable.

Tom Henderson is a river in flood with the new chapter of Need for Speed

So according to what was stated by the good Henderson the announcement of the new chapter of the racing game series of the Canadian giant is imminent, being scheduled within the next few 2 weeks. The rumors held by the insider also suggest that the official announcement will take place at the beginning of October although his sources have not been able to reveal a precise date on the matter.

That said, the rich report of the unstoppable leaker went on to reveal how Need for Speed ​​Unbound currently has a release date set for the day of December 2, 2022con Electronic Arts which also decided to make this new chapter of the racing series an exclusive for the current generation platforms, thus landing exclusively on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Tom Henderson he later stated that Unbound will be heavily focused on multiplayer and will also include the “meetup“, With these allowing users to compete against each other in different places on the map. Additionally, it was revealed that the game will feature an unreleased map.

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