The Last of Us: Part I will be a controversial release, that’s inevitable, and even though this installment in its original and remastered version enjoys recognition, some think that PlayStation is stretching the league too much. For its part, Naughty Dog continues to promote the game with comparisons that show the improvements and not to vary, the recent advance is already a source of debate on social networks.

Naughty Dog shows new comparison of The Last of Us: Part I

Naughty Dog published a new comparison of The Last of Us: Part I on its official Twitter account, this time showing a sequence with Joel and Tommy riding a horse. The material shows the visual improvements that were worked on for this remake of the first game, showing more fluid movements and animations that point towards a higher level of realism. The objective of this installment is to show a post-apocalyptic world with greater fidelity, both in the settings and in the faces and bodies of the characters.

The publication, like the previous ones with a comparison, gave rise to praise and criticism. Some users pointed out that the improvements in depth are noticeable and they hope that it will also be the same with the gameplay. On the other hand, critics say that the improvements are not a big difference compared to the remastered version, giving rise to the complaint about the full game price that Sony has managed for this title.

The Last of Us: Part I will debut on September 2 on PlayStation 5 with a PC release expected at a later date.

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