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Multiversus: tips to unlock all the cosmetics of the Halloween event

Multiversus presented a Halloween event, where we can get skins for Candy, a free in-game currency. We tell you the best way to get it in the note!

As usual on these dates, many programs, games and movies resort to the classic theme of Halloweenaspect only exploitable in October. Multiversus the new game in the best Smash Bros style, could not be the exception, and celebrate it with an amazing event where you can get great rewards.

In addition to recently incorporating Rick from Rick And Morty, Multiversus also added to Stripe, Gizmo’s Gremlin nemesis. On the other hand also different masks arrive in the game, many of which we can buy with premium coins. The good point is that, if we don’t have those coins, we can always get other masks that you can buy them by Candy in the candy store. Some of the items you can buy for Candy are the following:

  • Mummy Reindog: 3,000 Candy
  • Calico Cake: 12,000 Candy
  • Pumpkin Patch Profile Icon: 150 Candy
  • Sticker de Jack-O-Lantern: 500 Candy
  • 10 Gold: 500 Candy

This event will be available until November 15, for which we will have enough time to be able to buy all the cosmetics that we want. However, you have to know how to get the Candyas, Although they can be obtained in normal games, we can also enhance their effect. as a basis, we will always win 20 Candy if we win and 10 if we lose, but we can increase that number if we use any aspect of Halloween. In this way, we will earn 40 Candy if we win the battle, and 20 if we lose.

The number is greater if we play as a team and not alone, since we will get 20 Candy for normal victories, 40 if one of the two players has a skin and 60 if both have it. In case of losing, the prizes would be 10 Candy on normal defeat, 20 with one outfit, and 40 if two skins were used.

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