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Minecraft players hunt for a hidden $ 100,000

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There was a scavenger hunt going on in Minecraft for a whopping one hundred thousand dollars. There was a scavenger hunt going on in Minecraft for a whopping one hundred thousand dollars.

The influencer MrBeast Gaming raffled off a small fortune as part of an exciting scavenger hunt. He just hid 100.000 US-Dollar on his Minecraft server and sent a number of colleagues on the hunt. Whoever found the treasure was allowed to keep it.

A chaotic treasure hunt began. With just a few cryptic hints, including a picture of a desert region, the task turned out to be tricky headbutt out.

As the YouTube video shows, the first track was not enough to find the treasure. The players wandered around in a desert, but in the wrong region.

The happy and excited mood kept heating up. If you want to see an intensive video, you can watch the gold fever here:

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The grand finale

When the players weren’t progressing as fast as the Youtuber had imagined, he had to help out. So MrBeast felt compelled to scatter further cluesto lure the desperate colleagues on the right track.

Eventually one of the participants saw the light and the players rushed to the right location. The last task here was to find the treasure within a radius of 100 blocks. In other words, since the treasure was hardly hidden behind a tree, the Minecraft players had to search underground. The happy digging began.

Some of the other participants had not even arrived at the scene at the time. And then suddenly everything went very quickly: The Youtuber Tubbo found the treasure and was suddenly richer by 100,000 US dollars. The win came in the form of several $ 10,000 vouchers for stores like Best Buy, Gamestop and Taco Bell.

The community also got something: At the same time, the Youtuber was giving away 10,000 US dollars to a YouTube subscriber. The successful content creator has now amassed over 13 million of those. The video received over 10 million views within three days.

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Opinion: I wish Minecraft never existed

The block sandbox is a powerhouse, both in terms of player and audience numbers. In 2020 Minecraft dominated all other games in terms of video views. Recent reports of active players are over 100 million per month.


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