In Minecraft, the boundaries between player and artist are often blurred. Minecraft has long ceased to be the game of blocks in which you built simple huts out of stones and earth. Instead, the extensive content ensures that you have almost limitless possibilities from such a simple mechanism as dismantling and placing blocks.

The best Minecraft players in the world manage to build huge worlds with an incredible amount of attention to detail. Whether it’s beautiful fantasy worlds or simply huge construction projects that impress with their sheer size.

200,000 Minecraft players have been involved in recreating the entire earth true to the original for a year. A project designed for years and planned with mathematicians.


But it doesn’t always have to be the really big construction projects with millions and millions of blocks that are built. You don’t necessarily need tens of thousands of helpers to create something big. Sometimes a small idea and the necessary talent are enough to create a small, digital work of art.

Minecraft player and Reddit user KevinJN did just that. He posted a recording on Reddit drawing an entire painting in the middle of the game world with just a single bucket of water. This is not only extremely tricky because it is difficult enough to draw huge pictures from tiny blocks, but also because water has its own mechanics in Minecraft.

Anyone who has ever worked with redstone and water knows how quickly everything got out of control. Because water doesn’t always behave the way you want it to in Minecraft. Sometimes it flows in the completely wrong direction, sometimes it doesn’t flow at all because it only flows a certain number of blocks.


However, KevinJN had already put the necessary work into the project, drawing a painting from a single block of water. Distributing the electricity from a single block over such a large area is an art in itself. It is not for nothing that there are almost 80,000 upvotes on Reddit for this achievement.

Here you can see the end result

One bucket of water goes a long way from r/Minecraft

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