Minecraft Middle-earth shows a lot more of Rohan than Lord of the Rings

Minecraft Middle-earth shows a lot more of Rohan than Lord of the Rings

What’s new in the market? An impressive video! At least in the recreated Rohan from Minecraft Middle-earth.

The huge construction project that recreates the world of Tolkien in Minecraft introduces the kingdom of the horse lords in a new trailer. And if you feel like it, you can soon even take part in the battle for Helm’s Deep yourself.

But look at them Tour of Rohan best of all to yourself first:

Minecraft Middle-earth shows the kingdom of Rohan in the trailer

The Minecraft Rohan is huge

Rohan plays an important role in The Lord of the Rings: Here Saruman tries to set his claws in King Theoden’s mind and secretly breed a huge army from Uruk-Hai.

In the films we only see a few places in the Riddermark, for example the capital of Edoras and the fortress Helms Klamm. In Minecraft Middle-earth you can examine a lot more – of course in the form of blocks.

For example, with Aldburg, the builders recreated one of the oldest towns in Rohan – by the way, the actual home of Éomer. And there are many other settlements you can visit, not just in Rohan. As usual you stand all buildings open and are fully furnished.

What is ready after ten years of construction, what is still to come and how the community keeps the giant project alive, we found out for you during a server visit in Minecraft Middle-earth.

Event at Helm’s Deep is coming up

From March 6th to 7th, Minecraft Middle-earth is hosting the ‘MCME Reunion’, a large community event with interviews, pub trivia and a virtual gala. The event will also be broadcast live on the official Discord server.

And if you’d like to hit the blocks in Helms Klamm yourself: On March 7th, a big PvE battle will start, in which all server members can take part.

Even more exciting Minecraft projects: Not only is the world of Tolkien being recreated in Minecraft, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is also getting a block remake. There is also now an official Star Wars DLC with Baby Yoda and more.

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