Minecraft decides to honor Technoblade for his death

Minecraft decides to honor Technoblade for his death

Unfortunately, a few days ago, bad news arrived for the gaming world (and beyond): YouTuber Technoblade passed away at the age of just 23.Technoblade he was quite well known on the web for his videos dedicated to Minecraft, so much so that the creators have decided to pay him homage. Defects, in the Java edition of the game, as soon as the launcher is launched, it appears among the various characters on the screen a pig with a crownsymbol ofTechnoblade. The YouTuber, in fact, was known for playing Minecraft as a pig wearing a royal dress.

Technoblade was honored with a pig equipped with a crown in the Minecraft Java Edition launcher

Technoblade has certainly made a big impact in the community of Minecraft and this hasn’t gone unnoticed by the game’s developers. The move to pay homage to the boy was very welcome on social media; there were many who appreciated the initiative of Mojang in dedicating a character that resembles the one used by the YouTuber in his adventures in Minecraft.

Social media have been inundated with comments, videos and tributes in recent days, just demonstrating that the community is solid and the untimely death of a boy manages to make those who, perhaps, in the videogame life of every day he is used to having a more competitive and challenging attitude towards other users (just think of those who deal with e-Sportsfor example).

At the end of this article, we want to remind you as the father ofTechnoblade has decided to upload a last video of his son in which his last words are taken, as well as a long and moving message that his father wanted to share with all the fans of his son.

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