Here is the new course of Xiamen University

Over the years, millions of people have begun to realize that playing video games is by no means something terrible and harmful to health, as they were led to believe a long time ago.

While there is still a long way to go and improve, sometimes video games are introduced into aspects of our daily life to improve it, and that’s what happened recently, since Minecraft will be used in a ‘Chinese university for educational purposes’.

We became aware of this news thanks to the portal Superpixel, where we are given much more detail when we delve into the use of Minecraft at the Chinese University of Xiamen in a specific course for computer engineers called “Interactive design case study” where students can shape whatever crazy ideas they have from the Mojang game.

Furthermore, the game designer from Minecraft will join this course to teach students how to use title editing tools. We hope this course will become much more popular over time, as there are undoubtedly hundreds of games that can be given a wonderful educational approach.

Our Minecraft Dungeons Review

If you are interested, you can find ours review from Minecraft Dungeons.

“Dungeons is a title that for one reason or another ends up lacking a particular substance in every aspect. Despite an overall smooth playability and a good cooperative, the lack of depth at 360 degrees is really felt, leaving in your hands a decidedly poor product of contents and an extremely low longevity.”

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