Minecraft: 100 cows and a rowboat are causing enthusiasm

Minecraft: 100 cows and a rowboat are causing enthusiasm

The Minecraft community is always good for a surprise. Whether unusual mods, years of working on construction projects or simply through bizarre discoveries. Reddit user oaleksander shared a particularly bizarre discovery: “Cow Surfing” with a rowboat.

100 cows, a rowboat and wheat are enough

Traveling in Minecraft is often a lot of work. Of course, you can tame a horse to have a loyal companion by your side. Or you lay rails across half the map and drive to your destination on a truck. In both cases, however, you are always in control and travel relatively relaxed.

It is less relaxed if you choose a herd of one hundred cows as your means of transportation. After all, you can’t really determine the direction of the cows and you need a correspondingly large herd in advance. If you have managed that, however, all you need is a rowboat and a little wheat in your hand.

Then you round up the herd, sit in the boat and take the wheat in your hand. Cows follow wheat in Minecraft and so you can at least partially show the herd the right way.

On reddit, oaleksander shows how the trick works and receives a lot of positive feedback from the Minecraft community.

Most of the comments are word jokes with the English word “cow”. The top comment is a simple “Cowabunga!” – as an allusion to the Ninja Turtles. There are numerous more puns on the thread and the Minecraft community takes the action with humor.

In theory, it is also possible to ride the cows in Minecraft’s survival mode. However, you need a lot of cows for this. And everyone knows: one cow is hard work, many cows are hard work.

If you’d rather see dinosaurs riding in Minecraft instead of cows, we recommend taking a look at our best Minecraft mods.

What do you think of the bizarre travel method? Have you discovered other ways to travel in Minecraft that are just as extraordinary? Please write us in the comments.

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