Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal has received a lot of criticism since its release, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped the game from making big bucks. Even before its release, Diablo Immortal faced significant opposition due to its controversial monetization.

In both Belgium and the Netherlands, the game was not allowed to be published because it contained loot boxes. It’s also these loot boxes that later made the game officially the worst game of all time.

The microtransaction

Microtransactions in games are becoming less popular every year as many compare them to gambling. But apparently they’re still popular enough for Diablo Immortal to make a whopping $24 million in just two weeks. Something a lot of fans can’t understand.

The fans are now commenting on this success on social media and are annoyed with their teammates. “If you don’t want these greedy corporations to offer microtransactions, then stop buying them,” wrote one fan angrily to his fellow players.

High costs

In order to progress in Diablo Immortal, the player must spend money – lots of money. The game has hidden limits that prevent the player from getting past them without investing any money. For example, it can cost up to 100,000 euros to fully upgrade the character.

It’s no surprise that Diablo Immortal received the lowest rating in Metacritic history. Players are upset about the game’s monetization and microtransactions. These gaming techniques are not considered gambling by law, but it’s easy to see how microtransactions could soon be sucking the money out of players’ pockets.

According to GameDev, Diablo Immortal grossed $24.3 million in the first two weeks of its release. Appmagic reports that the game has already been downloaded eight million times. It should be noted that these figures only apply to the mobile version of the game and do not include the PC beta.

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