Microsoft: Xbox continues (and will continue) using batteries in its controllers due to a long-term agreement with Duracell

Microsoft: Xbox continues (and will continue) using batteries in its Controllers due to a long-term agreement with Duracell

Despite the new generation of consoles, Xbox Maintained AA Batteries as energy for its trainers, a decision that has generated comments for and against players. But, in addition to the fact that gamers want the controllers to have an internal battery like Playstation, apparently there is an agreement that limits any wishes on them.

According to Duracell UK Marketing Director Luke Anderson, “there is an ongoing agreement,” between Duracell and Microsoft.

“[The deal is] it supplies the battery product for the Xbox consoles and also the battery for the controllers. So that [deal] is going to last a little bit, it’s been a while and I think it should last a little [longer],” he says in an interview with Optional Stealth.

This partnership appears to be backed by Duracell’s online marketing campaigns, which often feature Xbox controls. The news Xbox Series X and S launched last November, it also comes with two AA Duracell batteries, instead of Microsoft’s Xbox-branded rechargeable batteries.

Therefore, Microsoft sent a statement to MCV / Develop: “We intentionally offer consumers options in their battery solutions for our standard Xbox wireless controllers. This includes the use of AA batteries of any brand, Xbox rechargeable battery, charging solutions from our partners or a USB-C cable, which can power the controller when connected to the console or PC.

In March, Jason Ronald, Associate Director of the Xbox Management Program, mentioned that the main reason batteries were retained is “flexibility” because it works with more devices and is easily found in any store.

However, there is an option for those who prefer the built-in battery. Microsoft’s premium controller, the Wireless Xbox Elite Two costs $ 180 and has an internal battery that charges when connected, as well as Nintendo’s DualShock 4, Dualsense and Switch Pro controller.

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