Already released since August 2020 on PC, Microsoft Flight Simulator is still impatiently awaiting on Xbox consoles. However, many recent clues suggest that the release would be imminent, with the same date potentially leaked at a retailer.

Landed almost a year ago on PC, Microsoft Flight Simulator has everyone agree: with astonishing technique and dantesque precision, the title of Asobo is a breath of fresh air as it is. rarely exists.

Unfortunately for console players, the title is still desired on these platforms but it seems that they do not have to wait very long. Well, probably.

Quite recently, many people have indeed glimpses that a Microsoft Flight Simulator record on Xbox Series X | S had been created at the ESRB, the European classification body. A page since withdrawn but, as you can imagine, screenshot by Internet users.

This is a first clue of an upcoming release, especially followed by another much more convincing one: the huge Gamestop reseller has just set the release for June 15, 2021, still for this next-gen version.

When we know that a new trailer will be unveiled today (as if by chance), we wonder if this date will not be formalized in the trailer in question. Maybe at Summer Game Fest, tonight ?

By the way, remember that an Xbox One version has been announced but that no trace of it has been spotted in the previously cited leaks.

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