Microsoft also wants Call of Duty on PlayStation 6

Microsoft also wants Call of Duty on PlayStation 6

It seems that Microsoft and Sony are in the headlines every day. Both companies maintain continued momentum on Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard King for approximately $69 billionsomething that worries Sony deeply.

Today, some statements from Sony and Microsoft have already emerged, and in the recently released UK CMA document, Microsoft indicates that it wants Call of Duty to continue in the Sony ecosystem, mentioning what we assume is the PlayStation 6.

When discussing the 10-year deal that will see Call of Duty continue to come to PlayStation devices despite the deal, the Console Platforms side specifically notes, “The fix will apply to all Sony consoles (including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 5) and any subsequent console.”

That hasn’t changed Sony’s stance on the matter, which still doesn’t look kindly on Microsoft, owner of Call of Duty, one of the most played and highest-grossing franchises on PlayStation consoles.

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