A Metroid Prime 4 pre-order was briefly available on Amazon before it was quickly pulled.

Earlier today, on February 8, the Wario64 Twitter account noted that Amazon had set up a new pre-order page for Metroid Prime 4, listing the new title for $59.99. However, a few hours later, Amazon took down the page entirely, instead listing Metroid Prime 4 as “temporarily unavailable”.

That doesn’t help the near-constant speculation of Metroid Prime 4’s revival. Considering a Nintendo Direct is set to air today, this Amazon listing only added to the anticipation that the sequel so many expected will finally come to mind.

It’s worth noting that pre-orders for Metroid Prime 4 existed before the new listing went live today. When the sequel was released over five years ago, users could pre-order Metroid Prime 4 on sites like Amazon and BestBuy. If you look at the replies to Wario64’s tweet, you’ll see that many of those original preorder customers are still going strong today.

It takes a lot of faith to sustain your pre-order for a game after you’ve changed studios and development has been completely restarted, it has to be said. Metroid Prime 4 hasn’t been in action since that development five years ago, and we’re no closer to knowing more about the game now than we were in 2018.

We hope today’s Nintendo Direct finally brings some good news to people who have been desperately waiting for Metroid Prime 4 news since it went dark years ago. The excellent Metroid Dread may have come and gone since, but a return to Samus’ spin-off adventures would still be a treat.

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